Consumer's Right to Complain Federally Reinforced

By Mark V.B. Partridge, posted on 2/8/2017 1:41:17 AM

Signed into law by former President Obama in December 2016 will require companies to review and possibly amend their standard-form contracts or website terms of use as they relate to customers purchasing goods or services.  Read More

Trump and the Internet: What's Next?

By Mark V.B. Partridge, posted on 2/1/2017 2:35:18 AM

Despite flamboyant rhetoric from both sides, legitimate concerns remain about interference from international organizations and governments in the operations of the Internet. Read More

Will the Recently Enacted EU Privacy Shield Suffer the Same Fate as Safe Harbor?

By Alexis Payne, posted on 1/18/2017 2:45:41 AM

Like Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield governs the steps a U.S. organization needs to take in order to ensure that personal data moving out of the EU is adequately protected once received in the U.S..   Read More
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