Posted on 10/24/2019 12:50:17 PM By Partridge Partners

Attendees at a Partridge Partners reception enjoyed an opportunity to hear from Bridget Brennan as she shared insights on modern marketing and sales. The event was a celebration of the recent launch of her new book, Winning Her Business

Bridget Brennan is an advisor to some of the world's largest brands and businesses. She brings the voices and perspectives of women to businesses around the world. Through her firm Female Factor, she provides game-changing insights on how companies can grow new customers and clients by better serving the most dominant force in consumer spending.

Her previous book Why She Buys was hailed as "essential reading"  by The Wall Street Journal.

In Winning Her Business, Brennan provides a roadmap for selling in a world dominated by the rise of women's economic power. She introduces The Four Motivators® Framework, which shows how every company can help customers feel: Connected, Inspired, Confident, and Appreciated.

Praise for the book by high level executives:
  • "Brennan gives readers valuable insights that can be leveraged from the corner office to the sales floor."
    --Indra K. Nooyi, fmr. Chairman, PepsiCo
  • "Brennan's new book is visionary and at the same time pragmatic and practical. It is a must read." 
    --Laurent Freixe, Executive Vice President and CEO, Zone Americas, Nestle
  • "If you want to tap into an increasingly powerful customer base, this is the book for you." 
    --Florian Zettelmeyer, Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing, Chair, Marketing Department, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
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Bridget Brennan, Mark Partridge, Rebecca Burch and Daniel Rogna

Pictured: Bridget Brennan, Mark Partridge, Rebecca Burch and Daniel Rogna
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