Fashion in the Supreme Court and Unicolors’ Million Dollar Mistake

By Francyn Brown, posted on 8/10/2021 4:22:09 AM

SCOTUS to consider whether inaccurate information contained in Unicolors’ Copyright Application affects its validity in Unicolors, Inc. v. H&M Hennes & Mauritz, LP Read More

Consumer's Right to Complain Federally Reinforced

By Mark V.B. Partridge, posted on 2/8/2017 1:41:17 AM

Signed into law by former President Obama in December 2016 will require companies to review and possibly amend their standard-form contracts or website terms of use as they relate to customers purchasing goods or services.  Read More

Stay Tuned in 2016 for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

By John L. Ambrogi, posted on 1/7/2016 1:26:21 AM

Although the TPP covers a wide range of issues, the more significant provisions to this author involve the proposed intellectual property provisions of Chapter 18. Read More