Nancy J. Chapman


Florida Paralegal Institute, Certificate

Prior Experience

Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP

Manuel & Thompson, P.A.

Nancy J. Chapman

Manager, Firm Operations


Legal Training.

Working as a paralegal in Florida for an attorney who was also an investor and businessman, Nancy received training in the complexities of setting up a wide variety of businesses from a range of perspectives. Everything from banks to fish farms were included in her book of clients. A specialty of the firm was advising on the underlying real estate transactions involved for each business. With more than two decades of experience in the registration and documentation process faced by business owners starting a new company, Nancy is able to deliver expertise with the highest level of service to the clients of Partridge Partners.

An Entrepreneur.

Nancy has also analyzed and processed Small Business Administration loans at a financial institution for people starting their own companies. When she started her own business, she experienced firsthand the challenges and registration process faced by the entrepreneurs she had served at her first law firm. When Nancy set up franchises for her company, she had to apply for a trademark. She will handle your trademark prosecution with the same attention to detail, enthusiasm and diligent follow-up as if it were her own.

People Skills.

Since kindergarten, Nancy has received pluses for working well with others. Her people skills were further honed as a Human Resources professional early in her career. Understanding diverse constituencies and balancing the interests of multiple parties has always been in her job description. Examining and understanding issues from all sides is not just a requirement at Partridge Partners, it is an integral part of the firm’s philosophy. Nancy knows how to prioritize putting your urgent needs first. And she knows how to do it with a smile.