Fees +

At Partridge Partners we recognize the shifting paradigm in the traditional law firm hourly rate model. To provide our clients with the most cost-effective pricing model we have adopted a flexible approach.

In addition to our competitive hourly rates, our fee arrangements include:

Monthly Retainers.

We act as counsel to a number of companies who do not employ an in-house counsel. A standard monthly retainer fee is available for clients having a steady flow of legal and advisory work. For those whose needs fluctuate, fees can be agreed upon according to the volume of work anticipated each month.

Flat Fees.

Many of our Intellectual Property services involve the work surrounding the filing of applications, registrations, renewals and other transactions. We offer these services for a flat fee.


We recognize the importance of budgets for in-house counsel and will work with clients to create a plan to help manage costs and avoid unexpected expenses.

Client - Partner Discount.

For clients with whom we have partnered and who require ongoing legal services we offer a 10% discount on our standard hourly fees.