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Legal Weapons to Fight Information Theft
Companies should use trade secret and copyright law to maximize their ability to protect confidential business information
CIO Insight

It’s a common problem. A company learns that a former employee copied confidential computer files--proprietary source code, marketing plans, customer lists and pricing information--before leaving and has used the information to start a competing business or has shared it with a competitor... learn more

Open Source Software: Key Steps to Avoid IP and Licensing Risks
Open source software has its advantages, but business leaders must be aware of the potential legal pitfalls.

You have heard of open source software (OSS), right? A few years ago, to everyone but IT nerds, OSS was just some strange and vaguely scary concept of so-called "free" software written by hippie types in a van.

Most businesses are now more familiar with it, or at least aware of... learn more

The © Hawk: Illinois Anti-Piracy Law is Sunk by Copyright Preemption
IP Newsletter - Illinois State Bar Association
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Contracting Around Copyright? An Introduction to Copyright Misuse
Landslide Magazine - American Bar Association
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Copyrights and Wrongs: How to Avoid Committing Copyright Infringement when Creating Training Materials
HR Magazine - Society for Human Resource Management

Mega-trainer and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins and his team created a 350-page manual in 1996 for a seminar called "Financial Power." The materials caught the attention of Wade B. Cook, author of the best-seller Wall Street Money Machine, who claimed that four passages from... learn more

The Application of the Communications Decency Act's IP Exception to State Law Claims
IP Newsletter - Illinois State Bar Association
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